Precise Pump Fluid Corp.

Reclaimed Fomblin/Krytox/Leybonol Equivalent

We BUY used Fomblin/Krytox/Leybonol PFPE

We SELL reclaimed PFPE at very competitive prices.

At Precise Pump Fluid Corp., our reclaimed perfloropolyether (PFPE) vacuum pump fluid offers you top quality at prices much below the cost of new PFPE. These reclaimed fluids meet or exceed new specifications and are fully compatible with Fomblin, Krytox, and Leybonol. With over 30 years experience in high vacuum products, we offer the knowledge and expertise that you can depend upon.

Do you have un-needed used Fomblin/Krytox/Leybonol PFPE? We buy used PFPE vacuum pump fluid to professionally reclaim, then resell it as reclaimed PFPE. Why pay someone to dispose of your used vacuum pump fluid when we will pay you? Nothing goes to a landfill. This is the environmentally correct way to dispose of used PFPE.

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