Krytox and The Optical Glass Lenses Industry

Using Krytox in Leading-Brand Machinery for the
Optical Glass Lenses Industry

What is Krytox?

Krytox removebg preview e1696617539575Krytox is a brand name for a range of high-performance lubricants produced by Chemours, a chemical company. These lubricants are typically made from fluorinated synthetic oils and are known for their durability, as well as their resistance to extreme temperatures and aggressive chemicals.

They are often used in a variety of industrial applications such as automotive, aerospace, and manufacturing. At Precise Pump Fluid our focus is on the semiconductor industry, glass lenses industry and universities.

Let's focus on the optical glass lenses industry.

What machines and brands would use Krytox?

In the optical glass lenses industry, Krytox lubricants could be used in various types of machinery that require high-performance lubrication. This includes machines for grinding, polishing, coating, and edging lenses, as well as robotic arms used in automated manufacturing processes.

Brands: The specific brands that use Krytox would depend on their engineering requirements, but high-end machinery manufacturers catering to the optical industry may opt for such high-quality lubricants. Companies like Satisloh, Schneider, and Essilor could potentially use Krytox in their machines, especially if they need lubricants that can withstand extreme conditions without degrading.

Using Krytox can help ensure that machines operate smoothly and reliably, reducing the frequency of maintenance and enhancing the lifespan of components. This can be particularly important in an industry where precision and reliability are key.


Optical Glass Lenses Industry
Optical Glass Lenses Industry

Why is it beneficial to use Krytox instead of a comparable chemical?

Using Krytox lubricants in the optical glass lenses industry offers several benefits over comparable chemicals or lubricants, and these advantages are particularly valuable in this precision-focused industry:

  • Chemical Stability: Krytox is known for its exceptional chemical stability. It is inert and non-reactive with a wide range of chemicals, including those used in lens coatings and cleaning solutions. This property ensures that the lubricant will not degrade or contaminate the lens materials or coatings, preserving optical clarity.
  • Wide Temperature Range: Krytox lubricants can operate effectively in extreme temperature conditions, both high and low. This is crucial in the optical industry, where temperature control is essential for maintaining the quality of lens materials and coatings during manufacturing processes.
  • Long-lasting Lubrication: Krytox has a reputation for long-lasting lubrication. Its high viscosity index means it remains effective over a broad temperature range, reducing the need for frequent re-lubrication and minimizing downtime in lens manufacturing equipment.
  • Low Volatility: Krytox has low volatility, meaning it doesn’t evaporate or outgas easily. This property helps maintain a clean environment in lens manufacturing facilities and prevents contamination of optical surfaces.
  • Non-Flammable: Krytox is non-flammable and does not support combustion, enhancing safety in industrial environments where flammability can be a concern.
  • Compatibility: Krytox is compatible with a variety of materials commonly used in the optical industry, such as glass, metals, and plastics. It is less likely to damage or degrade these materials compared to some other lubricants.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Due to its long-lasting nature and high-performance characteristics, Krytox can reduce the frequency of machine maintenance, resulting in cost savings and increased production efficiency.
  • Consistency in Performance: Krytox lubricants are manufactured with tight quality control standards, ensuring consistent performance across batches. This consistency is essential for maintaining the precision required in optical manufacturing.

Overall, the use of Krytox lubricants in the optical glass lenses industry can help ensure the reliability of machinery, maintain optical clarity, and reduce the risk of contamination or damage to lenses and coatings during the manufacturing process. These factors contribute to higher-quality end products and increased operational efficiency.

At Precise Pump Fluid, we only use the Krytox brand and never a comparable brand because we prioritize the unparalleled chemical stability, wide temperature range, long-lasting lubrication, and exceptional reliability that Krytox offers to ensure the utmost precision and performance in your optical lens manufacturing machinery.

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