Precise Pump Fluid Guarantee

Precise Pump Fluid Guarantee

The Precise Pump Fluid Guarantee offers the best price that meets new fluid specifications with 100% satisfaction guarantee.Precise Pump Fluid Guarantee

Our Goal is to make it easy to order and fast shipping. Same day if the order is placed before 2:00 pm central time zone Monday – Friday.

When you buy our reclaimed PFPE, be assured that we are offering you top quality at prices much below the cost of new PFPE. With over 30 years experience in high vacuum products, we offer the knowledge and expertise that you can depend upon. We meet or exceed new specifications.

Fomblin - Krytox
Vacuum Pump Fluids Delivered Fast!

Precise Pump Fluid Guarantee with Fast Delivery ServicePrecise Pump Fluid has been supplying the semiconductor industry over 10 years.

Our specialty is only four products that is why we can guarantee the best reclaimed vacuum pump fluids as well as offering a fast and reliable shipping service.

Does the company your ordering from offer this outstanding guarantee? Are you constantly waiting for the product to come in or it’s not being shipped within your time frame?

Not receiving Fomblin or Krytox could potentially hold up your production of products being made. It can all go downhill fast. There are many deadlines to be met and not having product to keep the vacuum pumps operating could be devastating to your company!

Why wait any longer or shop around to place your order with the best guarantee and fast delivery?

Contact us today for a free price quote to purchase your used PFPE or to purchase our reclaimed PFPE.

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