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Reclaimed Fomblin 25/6 or Krytox 1525 Equivalent


25/6 Y LVAC – Reclaimed Fomblin Equivalent
Like new specifications reclaimed equivalent Fomblin 25/6 or Krytox 1525 vacuum pump fluid in 1 gallon or 1 kg container.

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Chemically inert fluorinated vacuum pump fluid designed for aggressive chemical applications such as oxygen service, acids, and reactive chemicals of all types. Clear and odorless with low vapor pressure, no flash point, and high thermal stability. Compatible with new Fomblin, Krytox, or Leybonol vacuum pump fluids. Performs exactly as new OEM fluid.

USES: For lubrication and heat transfer of all brands of vacuum pumps such as Alcatel, Busch, Edwards, Kinney, Leybold, Kashiyama, and Pfeiffer. Use in vacuum pump types such as rotary vane pumps, roots blowers, rotary piston pumps, and dry pumps. Check with pump manufacturer’s manual for correct type of fluid to use in your pump.

PROPERTIES: Kinematic Viscosity (20° C): 276 cSt.
Vapor Pressure @ 25° C: 6X10-8 torr
Vapor Pressure @ 100° C: 6X10-5 torr

OTHER SIZE CONTAINERS: Contact us for larger size containers such as 5 gallon, 10 gallon, or 55 gallon drums.

AVAILABILITY: Most orders received by 2:00 PM CST ship that day.

WARRANTY: Money back guarantee.

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1 gal, 1 kg