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What Is The Purpose Of Fomblin 25/6

Fomblin 25-6 four applications

Solvay manufactures a particular grade of Fomblin lubricant called Fomblin 25/6. It belongs to the Fomblin PFPE (perfluoropolyether) family, which is renowned for its stability, inertness, and capacity to withstand harsh environments.

Due to its qualities, Fomblin 25/6 has numerous uses in a variety of sectors.

Four Applications of Fomblin 25/6

  • Applications for Vacuum: Fomblin 25/6 is frequently employed in vacuum systems as a lubricant. This non-reactive material is ideal for vacuum pumps and other equipment in industries including semiconductor production, aircraft, and more since it can survive high vacuum settings without evaporating or disintegrating.
  • Chemical Processing: When resistance to strong chemicals is needed, this grade of Fomblin is also utilized in chemical processing applications. It won’t harm or contaminate the process when utilized in pumps, seals, and systems that handle different reactive or corrosive substances.
  • High-Temperature Environments: The high temperature performance of Fomblin 25/6 is attributed to its thermal stability. It is applied in situations where it is essential to preserve lubrication and avoid breakdown at high temperatures.
  • General Lubrication: Due to its long-lasting lubricating qualities and resistance to degradation, Fomblin 25/6 may be utilized in some specialist machinery and equipment that need a high-performance lubricant.

As you can see from the four above Fomblin 25/6 can be used for a variety of purposes, depending on the industry and the specifications of the machinery or systems. What industry are you in? At Precise Pump Fluid we work with these three industries.

  1. Optical Lenses
  2. Universities
  3. Semiconductors

It is a valuable lubricant in many other industrial applications as well. 

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